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Literacy October 18, 2009


What are You Reading?

This section is available for students to post the name of the books they are reading and a brief review of the book.

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Ed Mckay’s Greensboro


2 Responses to “Literacy”

  1. I read New Moon, part of the twilight saga.It was interesting and hard to put down.If you saw the movie twilight you could kind of use imagery to picture what was going on. You also could picture the characters and their expressions, emotions, and things from their point of view.I really enjoyed it and I am hoping to read the 3rd book and see the movie to New Moon. I would really recommend this book to many people who saw the twilight movie. I turned out good at the end, but I hope better for Jacob Black.

  2. Akhaiya Williamson Says:

    I read “After 2Pac and D Foster” . This book was about three girls and how they loved 2Pac , and how two of the girls became friends with a girl who had a foster mother. I could really imagine what was going on in the book – picture what was happening in my brain. D Foster was the girl who was in the foster home, and she made friends with the other two girls one day when she was just out roaming. She often roams because her foster mother doesn’t really care what she does as long as she’s home by a certain time. I don’t think many people have read this book, but, i would read it if i were you . It also has lots of quotes that can be used in everyday life .

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