"Our communities = our responsibility"

Our Programs September 2, 2009


Our mission is to provide a pleasant life to homeless and low income animals in the community.  Our program was inspired while working in Pleasant Garden at Stoney Hill Community Garden.

A number of animals are in distress.  Our goal is to focus on the health, nutrition, and wellbeing of the animals.  We do this through education, prevention, and assistance.

The Community Gardens Project

Our newest venture is AMAZING!!! We are excited to announce our community Garden Project that will provide fresh vegetables to people that are unable to afford them. With Oasis Sofas we plan to bring fresh produce to “Food Deserts” A food desert is any area in the industrialized world where healthy, affordable food is difficult to obtain. Food deserts are prevalent in rural as well as urban areas and are most prevalent in low-socioeconomic minority communities. They are associated with a variety of diet-related health problems.

We look forward to updating everyone with the progress.  We are currently in the planning and development process and looking for dedicated volunteers to help make this dream come true.  The garden will be located in Greensboro North Carolina.  For more info and details please email

The House Of Empowerment Shelter

We have teemed up with a corporation Life Empowerment Group Inc to help provide a positive outlook for homeless people that are willing and able to work.  This program helps participants with food, clothing, work, and shelter.  The director helps the participants to handle hardships and empowers the individual to overcome some of the obstacles that they may encounter.  This program is currently housing  3 families in Greensboro North Carolina and looking to expand.  We help with job assistance, and economic independence.  For more information contact Richard Boykin at or call 336-987-7820 for more information.

The Community Kitchens Project

Serve Safe Certificate Number 7530585

We help feed the hungry with food donated by local business to help feed people living on the streets and in poverty.  We work in accordance with volunteers and supporters to help eliminate “food insecurities” in our communities.  Our goal is to reduce waste and combat hunger.  Using sustainable practices our goal is to naturally give wholesome, healthy food to people who are unable to afford it.  Our non profit currently has served over 5oo meals since September and donated over 1000 pounds of food to the homeless and people in need.  Join our efforts by volunteering today.

Taco Salad prepared by VIYC Community Kitchen Project

For the Youth

The Books at Home Program


We buy and administer age-appropriate leisure books for the children to have and keep at home. Each child is encouraged to read and log their progress for the books that they receive and read. Monthly book reviews are suggested for children in the books at home program.

Uniform Donation Program


We help provide clothing and school uniforms for children that are living in low income households. Parents or guardians must submit a copy of their most recent paystubs for all working people in the household. Parents or guardians are also required to submit an application.

Scholarships To Schools of The Arts & Music


The purpose of the art and music scholarship for grades K-12 is to provide an outlet for the youth to express themselves and learn more about artistic expression. We have partnered with  various Community Centers, and Colleges, where the children can gain knowledge and experience in art, music, theater and dance. The students will also be given the opportunity to participate in a focus group that allows them to discuss and share their works with their peers and members of the community.

The amount granted per scholarship is between $55 and $300 per student. Students grades K-12 will submit an application and essay in order to be considered for the scholarship. Parents and guardians are required to submit an income verification worksheet and proof of income. We will reward students based on the amount of donations that are received. Therefore the more we receive the more we can please.

Cooking With Kids Program

Our cooking with Kids Program provides informational cooking and nutrition sessions that teach children about the importance of a healthy diet and how to prepare meals.  We take trips to various local farmer’s markets and grocery stores with the children. We help them pick out healthy food choices, discuss the importance of reading labels, and the importance of staying fit and active.  Our camps and day trips are designed to be informative, fun, healthy, and delicious.  Our Serv Safe certified instructors teach the children how to properly prepare food and the techniques that will benefit them in real life experiences.  Ages 9-15 experience cooking and ages 5-8 experience easy to make snacks and activities that include them in preparing foods.

Click Here For The Arts Scholarship Application

For Parents and Adults

Career & Life Advancement Center

Membership to the Volunteer Resource Center- our resource center will be equipped with resources that lead to financial freedom. Our library consists of magazines, books, and periodicals that promote financial security.  Internet access and computers will be made available to eligible recipients during resource center hours.  Our staff and volunteers provide assistance with resume writing and printing of 20 free resumes. We will also assist our participants with job searches and basic computer skills and training.

Career Clothing Donation Program

This program provides attire for people actively seeking employment. After completing our career course parents and adults will qualify to receive career appropriate clothing which they may keep in order to acquire a position.  We feel that proper attire can boost self-esteem and may increase an applicants chances of acquiring employment.  It is difficult for a person, that struggles  to pay for basic needs, to afford business clothing for an interview.  We work with local clothing companies and major corporations that provide our recipients with new or gently used clothing.

Financial Advice and Planning

This program helps consumers properly distribute their assets and salaries.  Free of charge we help low-income families create budgets, find ways to save money, increase their net worth, and make better financial decisions.  We believe that with proper training and discipline you can achieve financial freedom.  We also show people the importance of planning for unexpected events, credit restoration, business planning, and using credit wisely.

For Everyone

Health & Wellness

We promote natural and healthy living.  We provide guidance and information to various vendors and businesses that promote natural and healthy living.  Our informational seminars empower people with the tools they need to live a healthier life.  We focus on diabetes, cancer, sickle cell anemia, and high blood pressure at this time.  Our efforts have been inspired by various life changing events in the lives of ourselves and loved ones.  We feel that with proper nutrition, diet, and exercise we can all lead happier and healthier lives.  Our programs assist people in poverty with natural care and natural remedy options that may be available.