"Our communities = our responsibility"

About September 2, 2009

Founded 2008

Our Impact

Our Community Kitchens projects help feed the homeless and people in poverty.  We give nutritious hot meals to local shelters, and people living on the streets.  We also give fresh fruits and vegetables to people in poverty, shelters, and the homeless.

Our programs help encourage sustainability, reducing waste, and protecting our natural resources.

Our programs provide an opportunity for children who may have never been exposed to the arts and culture to gain positive perspective on life and give them something to look forward to.

Our programs inspire positive outlets for expression that stimulate the minds of children which in turn, may help them to improve in their academics.

Our programs encourage children to dream and achieve their goals and aspirations, while showing that they can be and do anything with hard work and determination.

We are continuing to expand our non profit and helping with more than just books now.  We help with financial independence, health, natural living, and career advancement.

Our Mission

Volunteer In Your Community Inc.’s mission is to assist  people in poverty in the USA. We enhance the lives of people by providing food, education, literacy, clothing, art, dance, martial arts, and music classes, at no cost.  We help provide volunteers, resources, and events that empower people with the knowledge and tools they need in order to avoid poverty.  We promote and support health, wellness, and research for, cancer, diabetes, sickle cell, and high blood pressure patients.  We promote and support healthy living, energy efficiency, an eco-friendly environment, and clean air initiatives.  To achieve our goals we work in accordance with existing non-profit agencies, small businesses, corporations, and community leaders to connect impoverished people to the resources and opportunities already available, as well as create programs to assist the community.

What Do We Do?

We provide opportunities for the citizens to become actively involved with providing assistance to help the impoverished people in our communities.  We help people in poverty and the homeless, to establish a strong foundation that will lead to financial independence.  We focus on the youth, and their parents, as well as men and women in the community.  We encourage education and dedication while connecting people to the resources that are readily available in their communities.  In the past, present and future, we have devoted and will continue to devote our time at local schools and at other non-profit organizations in the community.  Our volunteers will contribute their time and knowledge to various local and nationwide non-profit organizations.  Our volunteers work in food banks, clothing distribution centers, art centers, music centers, community clean-up efforts, mentoring, and much more.

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